Glass Charger Plate SZ-3001G

Glass Charger Plate SZ-3001G


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Glass electric plate SZ-3001G
Material: soda lime glass, crystal glass
Size: 13inch Dia
Weight: 1000g
MOQ: 300pcs

Color: Gold

1. The craft of glass plate?

Answer: Suppress production.

2. The main ingredients of the plate?

Answer: Soda lime glass, lead-free crystal.

3. Order production cycle?

Answer: If there are products in stock, they can be shipped within 5 working days after receiving the deposit. The normal production cycle of products without stock is 30 days after receiving the deposit.

4. Does product styling accept customization?

Answer: We have a professional design and mold-making team that can draw and open molds according to the customer's concept and tapered draft. But your purchase quantity needs to meet the requirements of our company.

5. Are bubbles found on glassware a substandard product?

Answer: Glassware is produced in a completely enclosed space. In the production process, air dust will cause bubbles in the production process. Therefore, the presence or absence of bubbles in glassware cannot be used as the only criterion for judging the quality of glassware. In our reproduction process, we will try our best to avoid bubbles.